Mystic Healer

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In Testament to my Divine Purpose

Upon this Earth, in this Time.


July 2, 1998

On June 1, 1998 I was scheduled to fly to Arizona for a long awaited vacation. Actually, I had put off many times because of my fear of flying. This also had been a topic of discussion with my therapist for 4 months when she gave me Stephen’s phone number to call. She thought he might be able to help me.

Stephen returned my call while I was at work. After some discussion, we decided to work together right there and then. I closed my office door, sat back in my seat, adjusted my telephone headpiece and relaxed. As Stephen began his work, I slowly began to feel as though I was physically gyrating in circles. Soon I was beginning to feel as though I was swooping around in a comfortable, circular motion, which slowly and gently subsided. When Stephen finished, he asked me what I had felt and when I explained the feeling I was soon to learn that he had been moving his hand in a circular motion while he was doing his deep breathing.

When I hung up the phone I had a feeling of euphoria. I was not only confident that my flight would go well, but I felt overall joyful (actually more like hopeful) about my life in general. The good feeling lasted for quite awhile

We had decided to speak again 2 days later. This time I was home, in my room, sitting on a chair. As Stephen began deep breathing, I felt more and more relaxed. Sometime towards the end of the call I had a sensation of heat in my entire torso. I also realized I was breathing heavily myself. It wasn’t until I began to speak that I realized my voice sounded like one who had just roused from a deep rest. I felt totally depleted of all stress and I was extremely relaxed.

The plane ride the next day was different. I didn’t need the usual sedatives I take in order to step onto a plane and although I was still afraid, somehow I knew that everything was going to be all right. The ride (both ways) went uneventful and I enjoyed a wonderful vacation.

I’m hoping to work with Stephen again in the near future.

Laraine Sileo


1077 River Road

Edgewater, NJ 07020

February 13, 2003

Dear Stephen:

I cannot thank you enough for sharing your wonderful gift of healing. You truly are a ‘MiracIe Worker.

At the very first call, I had terrible stomach pains, the cause of which is still undetermined and my usual medication was not working. After only (I believe less than 5 minutes) I had absolutely no pain and an incredible calm allowed me to sleep as if I had taken a sleeping pill, which I continued to experience with each healing.

You so selflessly called every night to ask how I was and if I needed a healing, which,’of course, I always accepted and, so far, all of the medical tests have come back negative.

In addition, at the same time you started the healings, I had also stopped smoking. I started by using the patch but had a terrible reaction so I had to go cold turkey. It has now been 2 weeks and I have not had a cigarette nor the cravings or urges that comes with the withdrawal. I had stopped smoking in the past with the aid of the gum and/or the patch and still had cravings for quite a while. I truly feel that if I did not have the healings I would be a crazy person at this juncture.

As you know, I am a Reiki practitioner and, therefore, aware of energy healings. But what I do is hands-on healing so when I experienced the power of your energy over the telephone, I was really blown away. It is a miraculous gift.

You are an amazing person -- selfless, generous and genuine. It’s quite refreshing these days to meet someone who has such a concern for others.

I am so grateful that our paths have crossed.

With Admiration,

Carol Frank 

May 26, 2009

Dear Stephen ~

This letter is to share with you the response I had to the healings I received from you.

When you began the first time I immediately felt a pulsating energy surrounding my eyes. Then brilliant colors (in particular a deep violet) that vibrated directly in front of my eyes.

I have a rare form of glaucoma that can bring on instantaneous blindness which is irreversible unless I have immediate surgery. It cannot be treated with medication unlike other forms of glaucoma. Thus I have great concern and the day I met you I was experiencing very blurry vision as well as severe headaches, both brought on by the glaucoma. You were not aware of my challenge as you began your work without a prior dialogue. And yet for the duration of the healing it was my eyes that clearly were receiving and responding in a very positive manner.

Throughout the day I continued with clear vision and no pain.

The following healings you so generously have given me over the phone have also assisted me during periods of challenge. Indeed during one telephone healing I began to do eye exercises, something I have never done. I believe that this was and will continue to be an additional valuable support. I thank you for your kindness, support and commitment.

I wish you peace,

Warm regards

Donna H.

East Hampton, New York

February 8, 2002

To Whom it may concern,

Steve Rosenberg has come to heal our 11 1/2 year old white German Shepard named Tappy.

Tappy has a neurological nerve disease that effects the nerves in her back legs . This disease has left Tappy without use of her back legs and basically the back half of her body. I was considering putting Tappy down at the veterinarian. The first time Steve came to visit to give Tappy a healing session my girlfriend and myself were in our backyard. When Tappy saw Steve for the first time she got very animated and excited and crawled over to greet him. Steve then instructed all of us to sit in a circle and Tappy was in the middle and we all closed our eyes and thought to ourselves how we hoped Tappy would get better. During the healing session Tappy wiggled over to my girlfriend Carole’s feet and started to scratch them, The session ended with Steve asking how each of us felt, I felt very energized and felt my hands tingling. Steve asked everyone to close their eye in order to continue the healing. Carole saw incredible colors. The colors started with pink then rose then lavender then vermillion then green and blue followed by yellow. Steve said to open our eyes and we talked about what we just felt. Steve patted Tappy on the head and said, “What a beautiful girl you are”. he petted her for a while before leaving.

The next week I noticed that Tappy seemed to be feeling better and her pain level seemed to be diminishing. Steve was kind enough to come and visit Tappy over the next several weeks conducting healing sessions at each visit. At another session Carole experienced a tingling starting in her toes that rose up through her entire body, the whole body felt a tingling sensation as if it were energized.

I was suffering from Carpel Tunnel syndrome and after each of Steves healing sessions I felt much better and felt tingling sensations in my left hand. As the week progressed my hand felt much better. I looked forward to Steve coming to give Tappy a healing session as I felt I was also getting a benefit..

Carole came home from work one week not feeling well and while resting thought of Steves healing sessions. Carole was experiencing illness due to muscle strain. When she thought of the healing circle she experienced a tingling in her toes and ankles.

Steve has offered to do healings over the phone but we requested that he come in person. Steve has been kind enough to visit us several times already and Tappy, Carole and myself Seem to fell much better and believe Steve Rosenberg has some special gift to radiative some positive energy or whatever you want to call it. All we know is that every time Steve comes for a healing session, it is a pleasant and positive experience. Steve always ends these sessions by telling Tappy what a beautiful and good girl she is. Steve pets Tappy and then leaves.

Tappy, Carole Held and Jay Finkelstein

With Light & Love, JoAnne

JoAnne Gullickson 23233 North Pima Rd., #113-355

Scottsdale, AZ 85255-4254


Phone (602) 585-2190

July 18, 1998

Dear Stephen;

I’m writing to thank you for the help you gave me recently. As you know I had been suffering from pericarditis, an infection in the sack surrounding the heart, and was recovering slowly when I developed laryngitis. It was at this time we spoke by telephone and you graciously offered to send me some healing energy. Let me recount what happened next.

As I closed my eyes I began to feel a tingling sensation in my arms that traveled to my chest, proceeded upward to my forehead and downward toward my stomach. It was as if you were making the sign of the cross. The sensation continued for approximately a minute. Immediately afterwards I felt refreshed and my voice was stronger. I later discovered my over all health was much improved. Thanks to your healing energy I’m feeling well after an extended illness.

You have a very special gift Stephen, the gift of healing. Thank you for sharing it with me.

With Light & Love,

JoAnne Gullickson

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Date: 07/26/2005 8:33:20 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time


To: TheHeaIingOrbaoLcom

Dear Stephen:

I wish I had more time during June-July-August to devote to what I would like to do, but these three months are my money months. ..l work 7/20/7 during this time. I feel fortunate to have had the chance to meet with you and experience the lift /shift in my personal essence! presentation.

I will share that the healing I need/wanted was not for a visible illness. I have internal imbalances which have caused irritation , the most noticeable is the weight gain. I had chosen a holistic approach along with compounded herbal formulations for a situation which has not yielded (YET) the 100% result...about 50%...and in the meanwhile, also finally had blood work done by an endocrinologist. On the very day I met with you, I had just received the results from the blood work by the regular Dr. Due to the compounds, my liver function and certain chemical amounts are dangerously high, so the regular Dr. advised me to stop taking so many supplements.

I was so conflicted and thought coming to you would afford me some insight. That is what I sought, although I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Beyond the physical manifestations of the feeling as if someone was pushing/realigning my left side as I sat there, relaxing, I felt a calmness of spirit, something “telling” me to readjust not only in a physical sense, but an emotional/intellectual shift.

I had discussed the colors- the various localities which I saw, as if I were a bird, high above, but somehow connected to these places, and maybe the feeling there are journeys which lie ahead for me, very shortly. Here is WHAT HAS OCCURRED::::::::

Within 48 hours,my business seemed to EXPLODE.. .1 was taking listings, I was selling as fast I was taking them and that is a bit uncommon in this market. Instead of being overwhelmed, I had a new-found sense of professionalism and calm, the ability to listen and speak quietly (not easy as I was born in Queens,NYC) and through this new communication process, incurred new associations and $$$$. Pretty darn good if you ask me! I do so enjoy meeting and relating to new persons....l average between a low of 10 to a high of 70 new people a month, whom I have interaction with. So I suppose you would say I expect and thrive on these new energy sources of input.. .as if being a writer! a communicator... .and people- the connection with others- the venue to learn, to understand that which is new to me.

I need stimulus.

After meeting with you, the net result is an appreciation/higher consciousness of those different from me, and an internal acceptance that what appears unknown to me is alnght and as perfect as what is known to me. Maybe even better, because now I can embody peace within those perimeters which previously held “fear” of the unknown.

Quite delicious!

I hope you have an abundant class- a healing circle with shared higher energies , and the feeling of

acknowledgement which you deserve to give to yourself., for the gift which you possess.

God Bless you ,Stephen....we will connect again and I will contact you/Joan when my schedule permits.

Laura Jean & the frisky felines

Tuesday, July 26, 2005 America Online: The Healing Orb

Dear Stephen

I have been meaning to send you a letter waiting to see if the pain in my right Achilles tendon disappears or abated over a few days. It seems to have abated. You wanted perceptions from the session; - a moment or two of a body of a man floating above my bed (perhaps you)?

-heat in buttocks

-strong sense of being held in stillness

-tension around nostrils

-sense of subcutaneous skin being squeezed and small ‘A’ shaped particles being lifted off

-inner guts emitting vapors

-happiness, spontaneous smiling, feeling of body being cleansed and deep sense of well being

So, Thanks again.

Be well on your path.


June 2004

Dear Stephen,

Thank you so much for the healing – this has been such an interesting process – I’d like to share with you a little of what I’ve experienced.

On the first evening with the group, I was quite exhausted and really didn’t expect anything – Surprisingly I started to feel a tingling in my jaws where I’d had dental surgery several years ago, and had never gotten the feeling back in that area. I felt heat and tingling and there was a partial return of sensation and a feeling of relief of the heaviness there. Then the tingling and warmth moved to other parts of my head and felt deeply soothing.

Even more than this, though, was a deep, deep relaxation – as though all the tension I’d been carrying got dissolved in those 5 to 10 minutes. I slept wonderfully and woke more refreshed, energetic and relaxed than I’d been in a very long time.

In the individual session with you the following day, the experience was of the same nature, only more profound. Again the sensation began in my jaw, then moved to other points on my head in a very deliberate and precise way. The energy and sensation seemed to be moving through and cleaning a network of channels (exactly what they are, I do not know) in my head and throughout my body. These channels also seemed to lead to each tooth and it appeared that the metal (of fillings) in the teeth was strongly disrupting the flow of energy through these channels. Then the tingling sensation drifted to my belly, and again there was a soothing warmth as my attention was drawn there. It remained there for quite a while and again with it came a deep relaxation.

I thought the healing was over. But finally, a connection was shown and felt between the two areas of the head and the belly. It felt as though the energetic link between them was being repaired and the flow was reconnected so the energy circulated smoothly. I’ve never felt anything like this before. It appeared a deeper intelligence, beyond the workings of our minds, was functioning here – The precision of the sensation and the connections being made were amazing to me. It’s quite humbling to see what can happen without our conscious doing or our rational understanding.

Anyway, my deepest thanks to you for all this. The healing continues – and I’m sure that many people could benefit greatly from this. It is so much needed now.

With all best Wishes,


Sag HarborStateNYZip11963


Dear Stephen, I see from your site that you have healed many with greater troubles than I. However, I'd just like to thank you for helping me to start sleeping normally again. I am prone to anxiety induced insomnia, a problem which I've struggled to control for many years. I'm also prone to experiencing ongoing nightmares for weeks on end. I've learned how to curb my anxieties so that I sleep better on my own, but my nightmares always seem to come back. I'm proud to say that since you started healing me I've been sleeping a lot better, and haven't had a single nightmare. The other day, when you came to visit though I was running on 4 hours of sleep after staying up until 5 the night before. My eyes were starting to spasm and I had just gotten into a horrible fight with my sister. After our session however, my eyes actually relaxed AND my sister and I immediately reconciled (which is hard to do, trust me). So thank you very much for healing my spirit, and calming my nerves. Much love, Andrea







Dear Steve:

Some things often go unsaid, but so deeply believed and appreciated. I can never thank you enough for your unsolicited and very generous Spiritual Healing that helped me through a very difficult time. The relief that I sought came from a most unexpected source, you. My prayers were answered when God allowed our paths to cross.

I thank you from the bottom of My Heart.

Love & Appreciation


I had the most wonderful experience when I met Stephen. He had this great aura about him when he crossed the room to introduce himself to me at a fundraiser in East Hampton.

He was a great person to talk with, and I was happy to have him meet my husband and several friends of mine, who are now friends of his!

One day soon after our initial meeting, I was having a conversation with Stephen, and told him I was feeling tired and having pain in my legs and back from an earlier workout that proved too much for me. He asked ‘would like a healing from me?’ I said ‘Stephen that’s very kind of you, but you don’t need to drive all that way from South Hampton.’

I was a bit astonished that he said he could do a healing by phone. Hmm, I thought, let’s see how this will go…So being his friend and trusting him, I asked what I needed to do. He told me to sit in a comfortable place, close my eyes and relax.

He began his ‘healing’.

I took slow breathes while Stephen asked me if I was okay and comfortable.

After the quiet, I opened my eyes and stood up. I felt a tingling in my legs and lower back, the two places that I had pain. Moments later I had no tingling and the pain was gone. Just Remarkable.

Needless to say, I have told friends about this terrific man and his ‘Healing Hand’. One of those friends actually threw a healing Party for him and invited other friends to experience what for her was an amazing recovery from back pain that she had been having.

I am happy to know Stephen and although I still don’t know the mystery of his healing properties, I am sure it works…It worked for me.

Thanks Stephen!

Patricia Zarsky


Dear Stephen,

As I write my hands are shaking! I felt very relaxed and woozy but much better. Thank you for calling, and Praise God! I was so glad to hear you mention God. I’ve been battling very serious financial concerns due to a divorce – almost eight years ago now. My ex says he’s become a Christian now but I just can’t get him to talk or help me out –this fills me with anger and depression and I start punishing myself I guess with destructible behavior.

This causes me pain in my throat – (too much smoking and wine, as I said). My gums are a mess because I don’t have $2,000 for the work I need. I have two gorgeous daughters but they have had to put up with a lot. I’ve prayed so hard to God to free me from the depression, hopelessness and addictions and today I really feel He did answer through you. My teeth still hurt but the sense of hopelessness has lifted immediately. It’s amazing – I was very skeptical at first but I do feel better. Thank you and Bless you for doing God’s work. Would you mind calling me when you get this? Maybe I’ll call you even later. I feel like a short nap now I’m so relaxed. I know I’ll talk to you again.

Sincerely, Debra

Hi Stephen

Hope all is well with you and that the healing sessions have been helping others.

I know that when you do a healing by phone I feel very relaxed. Too bad you

can't package it.

Take Care,

Beth/Seattle WA

November 24, 2009

Hi Stephen

I have added the extra words that I said I would, sorry I missed your call earlier.

I just wanted to drop you a short line to register my appreciation for your many phone calls in assisting my ankle after two arthroscopy procedures. Each time you telephone me here in the UK, where you send your healing powers to me, it really does remove the considerable pain that I have been experiencing. Whilst you are sending me your healing powers, my ankle feels as if the swelling is going down and it is draining away the pain. Very often when you telephone me my ankle has been very swollen and giving me tremendous pain, but the moment you start your healing process, my ankle gets very close to being normal again very quickly. During the time you spent passing your meditation and healing over the telephone, it was like a needle in my ankle removing the pain and swelling. In fact at times, it was as if my ankle was connected to a vacuum where all the pressure was being removed.

I believe your healing powers are wonderful and I cannot thank you enough for your continued support. My surgeon has made it very clear that I need to get the inflammation down coupled with some physio as the alternative if this does not work is a fusion, this is something I do not want and I feel already with your help my ankle will hopefully be back to near normal.

My ankle problem started many years ago where I suffered a very bad fracture and dislocation, however, with time my mobility has decreased owing to arthritis setting in. This is where I was recommended to go and see a very prominent orthopaedic surgeon, Professor Roger Atkins.

Once again, a big thank you for your help and support.

Kind regards


March 1, 2010

Dear Stephen:

Last year my mother was stricken with many health problems. It began in 2009 when she couldn't see and had to have cataract surgery and shortly after that she broke her back in two places. Needless to say the pain and anguish she encountered left her feeling alone and depressed. Complications set in from the back surgery and her legs began to swell and cause great discomfort. She went from doctor to doctor and could not find any relief. When you heard of all the problems she was having you offered to give her a "healing." The "healing" immediately gave her a sense of relaxation and she felt a tingling throughout her body. After several "healings" we noticed that a lot of the swelling in her legs went down. She is so much better because of them and hasn't gone back to a doctor since.

My mother also has a dog who she loves dearly. He is her "best friend" and he takes very good care of her. He is a beautiful energetic dog and he is friendly and loves everyone. One day she noticed that he looked very lethargic. He wouldn't eat or drink his water and he just laid down most of the day. He became very sick and she was afraid that something very serious was wrong with him. She told you about her sick dog and thought that you might be able to help him. You gave the dog a series of "healings" and within a couple of days he began to become his ol' self again.

Thank you so much for your inspiration and "healing powers." They truly help heal a person (or pet) both physically and mentally.